They had everything to have a great career … In 1971, Serge Koolenn, Richard Dewitte, Joëlle Mogensen, Lionel Gaillardin, Bruno Walker and Christian Burguière formed the variety music group Once Upon a Time. If the latter had released many hits, including the song I still dreamed of her, which sold more than a million copies in a few weeks, it was in 1979 that they put an end to their collaboration. If at the time the dissensions between the musicians and the singer had been mentioned, it is in the magazine Schnock that the journalist Yves Bigot made new revelations on the end of the cult group.

According to the latter, the group would have separated because of the singer’s drug use. He explained: “The Serge-Joëlle couple is exploding. If they have always practiced free love and the singer has been assiduously pursued by Sacha Distel, Johnny Hallyday, Joe Dassin, Ray Charles and even Mick Jagger, whose scarf she had sent her from London she wore, it was not loyalty that caused them to separate. It was the white powder she began to consume. ” The journalist added later: “Serge, who is not yet an angel, does not support it and repudiates her. Once upon a time will not recover and dissolves six months later, despite a ultimate success, Mescalino. “

Yves Bigot’s confidences on Joëlle Mogensen

Friend of Joëlle Mogensen, Yves Bigot remembered the latter’s wanderings. “She shortened her hair, sings with Depardieu and Johnny for the latter’s 37th birthday, hangs out at the Élysée-Matignon, from meeting to meeting. Consanguinity with a cynical and visionless Parisian profession, its bad associates, its addiction, a last companion met at Les Caves du Roy, a sleazy DJ who will disappear with the singer’s Austin Mini will cause Joëlle’s departure “, he unveiled. A few years later, it was on May 15, 1982 that the singer died in Paris of acute pulmonary edema.

Richard Dewitte, Serge Koolenn, Joelle Mogensen, Lionel Gaillardin and Jean-Louis Dronne © DANIEL ANGELI

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