An artist as talented as she is mysterious. On November 25, Mylène Farmer will unveil her brand new album, entitled L’Emprise. On this occasion, the singer has agreed to confide in the columns of the Sunday newspaper this November 20. During the interview, she revealed in particular that the title of this new opus evoked indeed the influence in romantic or friendly relationships. “I find the theme of control universal. There is a form of control in all areas where free will, free thought are undermined”, she explained, and to specify that this album is addressed to the victims of sentimental influence: “Who has not crossed the path of a so-called perverse narcissistic person? Who has not one day been under the influence of such a person? Female or male, whatever.

But during the interview, Mylène Farmer also confided in her private life, even if some questions visibly bothered the 61-year-old singer, especially when the journalist wanted to know if the fact that she was not involved in societal or political causes reflected a mark of disinterest in what surrounds him. “Sincerely, do you think that I could lack interest in things, events, and finally for others? It’s bad to know me”, first reacted the interpreter of Libertine, before adding: ” I have chosen the path of privacy. I do not feel the need to make my commitments known. They exist but remain anonymous. It is my choice and it is my right. My freedom. I fully understand the artists who are spokespersons, but that does not correspond to my personality. For those who listen to my songs, some of my texts have accompanied the defenders of certain causes for many years”.

The question too many for Mylène Farmer

There is also another theme that seems to embarrass Mylène Farmer: religion. Indeed, when our colleagues from the JDD asked her if she had “use prayer every day?”, the singer felt that they had exceeded the limits a little. “It’s too personal, this question,” she replied. And to continue: “I can nevertheless tell you that I often think of the life of Padre Pio, I read the life of Saint Thérèse of Avila or Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. That I like to enter churches, whether they whether small or large, simply because it’s a soothing place. The smell of incense is divine. We know that man is a wolf to man, but I also believe in goodness, to the power of the spirit, of the egregores”. A subject that is obviously close to his heart.

"It's too personal": this question that Mylène Farmer refuses to answer


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