It was an open secret. For several weeks, Michou and Elsa Bois had been sowing doubt about a possible love affair. After their elimination in Dance with the stars, the Youtubeur and the dancer have multiplied the common stories on their Instagram accounts. On December 24, the young woman also published several photos of one of their appearances in Dance with the stars on Instagram, where we see them dancing glued-tight, and obviously very complicit. A “Happy Holidays to all!” accompanied the publication.

And this Monday, January 3, the two got together for a day to go shopping. On this occasion, Michou did not fail to cover the dancer with gifts of all kinds, including a brand new iPhone. “I finally gave the iPhone to Elsa … […] I think she is happy!”, He commented in an Instagram story.

Michou: “I’m in love”

And a few hours after these stories, the young man formalized his relationship with Elsa Bois. The 20-year-old videographer has indeed published several photos on his Instagram account, including one where we see him tenderly kissing the young woman. “I fell in love”, he added in caption. In the other photos, we can see the two lovers laughing out loud, and posing with a smile on their face in front of a shop whose facade is covered with flowers.

Obviously, the reactions were quick to surge. “Bravo champion”, “Too good”, “What happiness”, we wished them. Others are very happy to see this mystery lifted: “Finally!”, “Raise your hand those who were waiting for that”, “It was sure!”, “Here we have the answer”, we can for example read . The start of a beautiful love story

Michou and Elsa Bois © Instagram

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