Eddy Mitchell’s words were very harsh against Laeticia Hallyday, during her appearance in Sept à Huit, Sunday, November 21. The singer had indeed returned to the various tributes organized by the widow of Johnny Hallyday: “It does not interest me absolutely (…) They do what they want. Soon they will put it with a feather in the heart * l hung anywhere … I don’t care, “he said. An opinion that apparently another celebrity shares.

Guest on the show On remake TV on RTL, Michel Leeb was asked about the words of Eddy Mitchell: “‘Morbid all these tributes to Johnny Hallyday’, you share the opinion of Eddy Mitchell, you who Did you know Johnny well? ”asks Eric Dussart, the host. “Yes yes I knew him well obviously (…) who was a love of guy, a kindness, an incredible naturalness. The tributes constantly, it is tiring. I quite agree with Eddy on that, it’s something quite morbid, it’s morbid, “says the comedian.

Michel Leeb: “When it’s televisual, we feel that there is an audience interest”

Michel Leeb goes even further: “We, when we have lost people we love in the job or in everyday life (…) we do not need all that to think about it and to to have them with us, all these people that we love. We don’t need all these salads, all these tributes which are very heavy each time and which are painful “. “So what is it, is it business?”, Asks the host. “Yeah then it’s heavy. We feel that there is probably behind it all, when it’s televisual, we feel that there is an audience interest. It’s not very healthy”. A shattering statement that will certainly not please the main interested party, who has not ceased in recent months to pay tribute to her late husband, in particular by having a statue and a place in his name inaugurated.

Tributes to #Johnny “It’s not very healthy” Michel Leeb agrees with Eddy Mitchell. @OnRefaitLaTele on @RTLFrance pic.twitter.com/4qDO6vWICQ

– Eric Dussart (@E_Dussart) November 27, 2021
Eddy Mitchell © Pierre Perusseau

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