This is a video that cannot leave you indifferent. “He shaves the hair of his client who has cancer. Watch until the end…”, warns the Internet user on Twitter. We can then observe a woman, in tears, while her hairdresser shaves her head. Empathetic, he regularly pays attention to his client, taking her in his arms. But when he has finished his work and this woman cracks when she sees her now bald head, the hairdresser makes a very touching and symbolic gesture, since he decides to shave his head in turn in solidarity. It was enough to revive painful memories in Marie Fugain. “This video upsets me to the highest point”, confides the daughter of Michel Fugain in a Twitter post this Monday, January 16. And to explain the reason: “It was I who shaved my sister’s head in the hospital. It’s a moment you never forget.”

Especially since in his case, the outcome was terrible. Her little sister, Laurette, died of leukemia more than twenty years ago, in May 2002, when she was only 22 years old. “Until the last moment, we believed in it”, assured Marie Fugain to our colleagues at Gala last May. Hope has always been a big part of the Fugain’s mind. “We never thought that the outcome would be fatal,” confirmed the actress. So, inevitably, she was devastated when her little sister – to whom she was “very close” – breathed her last. “I really lost a part of me, because my sister was part of my life and my construction. I grew up with her, I entrusted a lot of things to her, we balanced each other, in complicity but also in adversity, and all of a sudden, all that was taken away from me”, she said not without emotion.

This video upsets me to no end. I was the one who shaved my sister’s head in the hospital. It’s a moment you never forget

— Marie Fugain (@mariefugain1) January 16, 2023

These awkward words that we had Michel and Stéphanie Fugain at the death of Laurette

Grief-stricken, her parents had awkward words after Laurette passed away. “My parents said ‘I died with my daughter’ and I was very angry with them for this sentence. Afterwards, we explained each other and I said to them: ‘you can’t say that because there are still some two.'” she recalled. Finally, this disappearance resulted in the imposition of the family unit. His parents have indeed separated. Michel Fugain took refuge in music and rebuilt his life, while Stéphanie Fugain devoted all her time to the association she created for the fight against leukaemia. Marie Fugain, she prevented herself from collapsing, since shortly after, the young woman then 28 years old learned that she was pregnant with her first child.

"It's me who...': Marie Fugain overwhelmed by a heartbreaking memory of her sister who resurfaces

Marie Fugain © CEDRIC PERRIN

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