On January 25, Dave had a heavy fall in his house. It is his companion who will find him inert, on the ground. “I thought he was dead,” he confides to our colleagues from Paris Match. Of this fall, the singer will not remember anything. He just remembers waking up in the hospital. But during the transfer nothing will happen as planned: “Your husband had two epileptic fits. He fell into a coma”, the Samu doctors will explain to Dave’s husband. On the fourth day of his hospitalization, the artist wakes up. He was then transferred to another health establishment.

There, the singer was able to rest. But her husband still remembers having had difficult times with Dave: “There was not a moment when you asked me who I was. But in the evening when I came home, you called me: ‘ What time is it at your house? What did you do with your afternoon?'” he confides. For his part, the singer then evokes the consequences of his fall: “The most terrible thing is that I have lost my taste and smell. However, eating is one of my favorite pastimes. It is a real drama,” Dave describes.

Dave: “Since March 7, I have been going back to the hospital every day”

Since then, Vanina’s interpreter has been taking precautions: “They left me alone for two weeks and, since March 7, I have been going back to the hospital every day: occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, I even see a psychologist! (. ..) I’m not allowed to drive for the next six months. Other than that, I’m fine,” he said. And good news for his fans, the singer will meet them very soon: “At the end of April I will go on stage. I think I still know my songs. I haven’t tried because my voice is a bit veiled. But for for me, being on stage is nirvana”.

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