He is starring in the film Fratè, directed by his partner and his daughter-in-law. On the occasion of the promotion of this family feature film, Thomas Ngijol was invited to the program En aparté, broadcast on Canal +. The actor then returned to his childhood, his youth, bathed in music and in particular an artist in particular: Michael Jackson. Passionate about this singer, he shared his love for music with his daughter, Angelina. “Every Christmas, I like to give them the Michael Jackson box and last Christmas, they finally had Angelina who is 8 years old today, finally had the right, next to me, to see the clip of Thriller. I know that I, as a child, watched it from afar, hidden under the tables”.

Happy, the little girl was able to spend a moment of complicity with her father: “And then Angelina, I said to her: ‘listen, you have the right, put yourself next to dad, it’s going to be fine. And it was really an extraordinary moment for me. I did the loop. I experienced the same thing with my father and there I did it with my daughter and it was beautiful”. The opportunity for the actor to come back to the very different personalities of his two daughters: “Angelina, she always goes on stage. She is artistic, I think, she has a thing. She likes the stage. Not to shine but.. . I don’t know… I almost cried when I said it, but I think she’s proud of me”, he reveals, very moved.

Thomas Ngijol, very proud of his daughters

As for his youngest, Thomas Ngijol evokes the emotionality of his daughter, who is the youngest of the family: “And Carmen she is much more sensitive. She would never dare to go on stage. She came there not a long time but we carried it, because she wanted to share something with her sister and me. But it’s a ball of sensitivity, my youngest, Carmen”. A dad awfully proud of his children, who does not hesitate to shower them with love!

Thomas Ngijol © Canal +


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