Guillaume de Tonquédec is back on stage on January 22 to present his new play, entitled Times Square, at the Montparnasse theater. To ensure the promotion, the actor went to the Télématin plateau this Wednesday, January 12. The opportunity for presenters Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto to discuss with him his childhood memories, and in particular the difficulties he had to face at school.

“There is a point that we did not know about you, it is that you had great difficulty learning to read. How did you experience that?” Asked Thomas Sotto. “My relationship to literature was dramatic in CP, CE1 and CE2. I had a hard time learning to read and write. It was a real nightmare for me. I learned everything in the third grade thanks to to a French teacher, “said Guillaume de Tonquédec, who also admitted that this trauma still haunts him today, especially when he receives a script:” It’s like a Christmas present. I have a joy, and at the same time something from my childhood that makes me ‘Oulala it’s going to be complicated’. It’s always in me … ”

Guillaume de Tonquédec wishes to give hope

But the actor no longer hesitates to testify to his experience to help those who encounter the same difficulties as him. In particular, he published a book released in 2018, Les portes de mon imaginaire, in which he tells his story. “It’s Caroline Glorion, a journalist who was creating a new edition of books and who wanted to interview popular characters on their relationship to literature. (…) and I said to her ‘I want to do this book if I can to bear witness to that, ‘so it will be to give hope to the children who are going through this today, or to the adults who keep the injured child within them, like I am. ” Guillaume de Tonquédec thus wishes to prove that even if he “started from very far”, he had succeeded in becoming “a popular actor capable of having a relationship with words and literature”. A great life lesson.

Guillaume De Tonquédec © Bruno Bebert

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