Angèle is one of the most emblematic Belgian artists of recent years. The singer has also found herself on the front page of the prestigious Vogue magazine in which she confides with an open heart about her bisexuality. Indeed, the young woman returned to her announcement. “The relationship to my sensuality and my sexuality has radically changed,” she begins by indicating. Educated in a Catholic establishment, she remembers “that they kept telling us that it is against nature to be homosexual…” At 13, she already felt that she was “also attracted to girls”.

But this admission was difficult for the young woman: “There is nothing to do: you walk in the street, at the airport, you watch advertisements… when you are shown a couple, it’s always a straight couple, and if it’s a gay couple, that’s the subject. (…) So, at the beginning, the attraction for girls, it was something that I repressed, of course. But being bi, it suited me to be so attracted to guys – because I really like boys, as much as girls. It made it easier to hide it, well to hide it from me.” It was then very difficult for Angèle to come to terms with her sexuality: “When I had feelings for a girl, to the point of having a relationship, I could no longer consider girls as a parenthesis. inside: ‘Angèle, all your life you have tried to keep this door closed, now that it is open, we are there.’ I may have spoken about homosexuality, have written Your Queen and not Your King, have become a bisexual icon for some, there are a thousand little things in everyday life that remind you that you are on the margins.

Angèle confides in her desire to become a mother

Angèle then explains that she is in tune with her attraction: “At this time in my life, I no longer perceive it as an essentially exclusive bond. I am more in tune with the idea of ​​polyamory, so that would be going into detail. too intimate to start explaining what I’m going through”. Will she become a mother? “When I see my older friends who are parents, it worries me enough. Let’s say that I will take stock in five years. But already, before undertaking the creation of a human being, I would like to reach the end of a good therapy to know me thoroughly, and to be sure not to unconsciously reproduce mechanisms on my – possible – kids”.

"It suited me to be attracted to guys": why Angèle took her bisexuality badly


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