Betty confided in her story on the show It starts today on March 11, 2022. The show, hosted by Faustine Bollaert that day, is called “Voluntary disappearances: one of their relatives has evaporated”. With tears in her voice, she looks back on the events that led her to make her decision. Betty decided in “a split second” to leave everything behind, including her 4 children and her husband. Betty, 57, had an unhappy childhood. She says she has lived through 30 years of violence and abuse.

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The mother of 4 children decided to take her life in hand, to trust a man again, given that she had also been the victim of domestic violence. To rebuild herself, Betty went back to school while she was still an executive in a multinational company. In addition, Betty wrote a book about her story. She says that her desire to disappear was caused by the release of her book. “I stripped myself naked, and then I started a life as an activist because I wanted to help all these women who were still victims of violence,” she confides on the set.

Victim of the success of her book, Betty suddenly left home

“I take some things, I take my son’s bike, I go to the station, I get on the first train,” she says. When her book came out, Betty created a company. Between her life as a mother, the resumption of her studies, the success known after the release of the book and her association, in addition to her work as an executive, she only slept 3 hours a night. This “crazy life” has overworked her. His hasty departure is done on a whim against a backdrop of fed up and latent overwork. An argument with her husband was too much. Betty didn’t know where she should go when taking her train, but then chose Lourdes as the destination to find her “miracle”, “her solution”.

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