A nostalgic but proud mother. This Thursday, January 19, Mélissa Theuriau gave a long interview to Giulia Foïs for the magazine Psychologies in which she indulges as rarely before on her family life. If the interview is largely focused on the secret of her marriage which lasts with Jamel Debbouze, the producer also indulged in a few secrets about their two children. Between Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze, the evidence was such that everything went very quickly between them. A year after their meeting, the two lovebirds passed the ring on their finger and welcomed their first child.

“We had found each other, it was obvious (…) Marriage and children was like this: ‘Come, we don’t promise each other the impossible, but we live as if, tomorrow, everything could happen. ‘stop'”, says the main interested party. That was almost fifteen years ago and (almost) nothing has changed. So their love is still going strong and still seems just as unwavering. The only difference is their children: Léon and Lila, who are now 14 and 11 years old. They grow up and inevitably, contradictory feelings collide.

Mélissa Theuriau: “I’m going to pass this course”

“We spend our time hoping that they will become more autonomous. But when they start to escape us, when we are no longer so necessary, in fact, it shakes up,” laments Mélissa Theuriau. And to admit: “I have a crazy nostalgia for their early childhood!” Which doesn’t prevent her from being proud of the teenagers they are. “At least, when I see the attention they have for others, I tell myself that the job is done. And I, who wanted to offer them something happier than what I had known, that’s successful”, boasts the former presenter of Zone Interdite. If this stage “is difficult” to live, Mélissa Theuriau promises however: “I will pass it, this course.” His children will leave him no choice. And then, it’s a first experience so as not to suffer too violently from the empty nest syndrome.

“It shakes up”: the touching observation of Mélissa Theuriau on her growing children

Melissa Theuriau © Hamilton

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