Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress have always been very close to their subscribers. Moreover, the influencers have promised to tell their followers everything. This is how the couple revealed that they were expecting twins. With YouTube videos, Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress shared every moment of this pregnancy. Recall that at the beginning of her pregnancy, Shanna Kress had questioned her desire to become a mother. Only, the worst moment for the couple was surely the moment when they knew that one of the fetuses had trisomy 21.

Following this sad news, the couple decided to proceed with a Voluntary Pregnancy Intervention (IVG). “It’s difficult but it’s our choice,” they said. Reactions to this news were mixed. If some have understood the choice of the couple, others have strongly criticized it. Moreover, some criticisms were particularly violent.

Jonathan Matijas comes out of his hinges

On Monday June 20, Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress announced very good news to their fans: they are going on vacation! “After a month and a half in our bubble of sadness, we are going on vacation to escape,” announced Jonathan Matijas. Only, the 32-year-old footballer made a small update before his departure. “It no longer surprises me but it hurts those around me then: To all the wise people who walk around on Instagram, invested in the importance of a mission to bust everyone’s balls (implicitly I ‘hear: criticize, judge, parasitize)”, he had started his message.

“YES my love and I are going on vacation, we need to breathe after a month and a half of gasping for air. YES we want to smile at life, because time passes without asking our opinion. And YES we will be happy, because we promised it to our star Christopher”, he added before concluding with “Thank you to all those who have understood that there is no point in following people we do not appreciate, who support us in adversity, and who share our best moments too. We love you all”.

“It doesn’t surprise me anymore but…”: Jonathan Matijas’ focus before setting sail with Shanna Kress © Instagram


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