He lost the mother of his children. Although they were about to put an end to their story, Georges Beller and his ex-wife were separated at the death of the latter. “It was 25 years ago, we were not far from being separated” he also confided “Chez Jordan” (C8) on Tuesday January 24, 2023. According to the actor’s words, she had a problem with alcohol. “It was very difficult to live for me and for the children so we were separated anyway. The alcohol ended up winning. It killed her” he then explained to the host. Taken to the heart, his ex-wife was taken away at the age of 43. “She was so young, it’s horrible (…) We fought, we didn’t let her down. We stayed with her for 13 years of alcoholism living incredible things. There are Who would have preferred to leave. It was not easy.” confided Georges Beller. As a reminder, Georges Beller and his ex-wife Florence had two children: Mélina and Myriam.

Georges Beller in love: who is his companion Michèle Kerm?

For 23 years, the actor has found love with Michèle Kerm. He thus recounted their meeting: “I was lucky. We met on stage with Michèle. We played ‘My wife is crazy’, that’s to tell you, it was not easy to win. one more time when I had a wife who was crazy. I didn’t want any contact at all… A year passed, we found each other and we never left each other again.” Despite their 19-year difference, the couple holds the road. “We forget the age, as long as we get along. Maybe one day she will bite her fingers but for the moment everything is fine” he assured. According to him, Georges Beller has found his “soul mate”. But then, why didn’t they have children? “She wanted it, I didn’t want it… She said to herself ‘if you don’t want it, I don’t want it either’. There are no regrets.” he added. Naughty side? “I’m trying, it’s not easy” concluded Georges Beller.

"It killed her": very moved, Georges Beller evokes the death of his alcoholic ex-wife at 43 years old

Georges Beller © Capture C8

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