It was transparent. Billie Eilish is one of the celebrities who do not hesitate to confide in an open heart. Guest of The Howard Stern Show this Monday, December 13, the young woman mentioned, without language, her sexuality. Indeed, she explained that she started watching pornographic videos when she was very young. An initiative that she regrets today. “As a woman I think porn is a shame. To be honest I watched a lot of porn. I started watching it when I was 11,” she explained first. Afterwards, she said that she thought it “really destroyed my brain. I feel devastated to have been exposed to so much porn.” Watching these videos was very traumatic for the singer. “The first few times I had sex I didn’t say no to things I didn’t really want. I thought that was what attracted me,” she concluded.

She had come back up. Determined to be heard, Billie Eilish claimed to be “so angry that porn is so popular”. According to her, the pictures do not show reality. “The appearance of vaginas in porn is aberrant. No vagina looks like that. Women’s bodies don’t look like that,” said the young woman. In addition, being a public figure is not easy and it is not the singer of 19 years who will say the opposite. “It’s really hard to meet people when they’re terrified of you and think you don’t play in the same category,” she said before adding: “Last year I thought I I’d be single for the rest of my life. I really couldn’t imagine myself in a relationship. I got over it pretty quickly. ” Billie Eilish would have found love in the arms of Matthew Tyler Vorce, a “degenerate actor, writer”, as he puts it on his Instagram page.

Billie Eilish: what strong topics has she mentioned in her songs?

Billie Eilish uses her art to get important messages across. Indeed, with her new album, she spoke about suicide, depression but also the abuse she suffered. “I had to talk about it sooner or later. I don’t need to recount in detail what happened. I say, but I do not reveal everything because this kind of experience leads you to impose limits between the world and yourself “, she had first explained in the columns of Madame Figaro. “I experienced something traumatic: I was abused when I was vulnerable,” she continued, without giving further details. A moving subject for the young woman.

Billie Eilish © Backgrid USA

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