Laurent Lafitte wants to keep his little secret garden. In the films in which he has shot, we have seen the actor give the reply to sublime women. However, outside the cameras, it is impossible to know who is the one who capsized his heart. Indeed, Laurent Lafitte is not very talkative when it comes to discussing his private life.

In an interview with Marie Claire a few months ago, the actor had however agreed to make a big revelation. “Today, I am in a relationship, but I like to maintain a private life that I only share with them. I also have female friends, with whom I enter into more intimate conversations, ”he had indicated, specifying that he used to nickname his other half “my baby”.

Laurent Lafitte: “spectators are not my friends”

In an interview given to this same magazine in February 2021, Laurent Lafitte had explained why he did not want to pour out his personal life. “It’s not my style to talk about my life off stage. I don’t feel in the right place for that, so people think I have things to hide. But no! In life, I tend to open up, to confide in me very easily”, he confided before adding: “From a pragmatic point of view, I think that an actor has an interest in secrecy. When I see these actors who don’t stop talking about politics or their private life, it takes away all my desire to see them play, and when that happens to me, I no longer make the distinction between the person who plays and the public person. do not practice this profession to have more friends by entrusting my intimacy. The spectators are not my friends. I do not pretend to be theirs, I make them artistic proposals to which they adhere or not. “

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