For Gerard Butler, 2020 has been marked by yet another separation from Morgan Brown. A long turbulent relationship, and disturbed by many twists and turns. The Australian actor was indeed in a relationship for 6 years with this pretty brunette who works in real estate. During these years of relationship, the two were constantly arguing and leaving each other to finally find each other better.

But, in 2020, this break was, it seemed, one too many. Us Weekly magazine announced the news on August 19, 2020. According to one of their sources, the couple would have “handled the breakup with maturity”. The last appearance of the couple then dates back to July 2020, in Malibu.

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown: a tumultuous relationship

Nobody really knew how long the couple of Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown would hold. Already in 2016, the two lovebirds had separated, before getting back together in the summer of 2017, against all odds. Then, in the fall of 2017, the actor confided in an interview with People to appreciate his single status: “I have no personal life,” he said, before continuing: “In five years old, I want to be in a relationship. I would love to have one or two children, it’s time.”

In August 2019, Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown finally met at the premiere of the film The Fall of the President, appearing close and accomplices. But, still according to a source from Us Weekly, the actor could not really land with Morgan Brown and “commit”. Which most certainly led to this breakup which seemed final in 2020.

Gerard Butler, still in a relationship with Morgan Brown

Against all odds, Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown are still a couple in 2022. The two have, for the umpteenth time, gotten back together, and seem to be having a good time together. The paparazzi also go there to their heart’s content to photograph them together, looking complicit and in love.

On the career side, Gerard Butler is also not to be pitied since 2020. After his umpteenth breakup with Morgan Brown, the actor has chained professional projects. He had notably played the role of John Garrity in the disaster film Greenland – The Last Refuge. A sequel has also been planned.

Gerard Butler seems well and truly fulfilled despite the roller coaster experienced in his relationship for 8 years. But the actor does not have his first love turmoil. Some time ago, comments from one of the actor’s relatives had caused a lot of talk about his relationship with Jessica Biel. Gerard Butler had obviously had some regrets following their breakup: “Gerard doesn’t have many regrets, but one of them is that he didn’t treat Jessica well enough while they were dating.”, said this famous relative.

Is Gerard Butler in a relationship?

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