Four Weddings for a Honeymoon is officially back. On the occasion of the new season, the broadcast of which began on TFX this Monday, January 24, our colleagues from Here wanted to hear from Elodie Villemus, the wedding planner of the show. But don’t worry: the concept, much appreciated by viewers, has not changed. There are always four future brides who take turns inviting each other to their respective ceremonies before judging each other on very specific criteria.

Wedding dresses, room decoration, quality of the meal and wedding atmosphere, everything is always scrutinized by the competitors, including the one who wins the best score wins a magnificent honeymoon. And to help them achieve the most beautiful wedding possible, future brides can once again count on Elodie Villemus, the wedding planner. Always benevolent and with a great sense of detail, the latter is a very important asset.

Elodie Villemus: “I didn’t understand how to get married”

But Elodie Villemus has never poured out on her own private life. Marriage expert, she has never mentioned the most beautiful day of her life. While she reveals herself in the company of her husband and children on her Instagram account, no one has ever really known how her marriage went. Our colleagues from Here then tried to find out more by asking him the question directly.

“I never talk about it! It was a very long time ago and I was not in the business. If any pictures come out, it will be records. I was 23, I was a baby. I don’t I didn’t finally understand how to get married. I think we weren’t focused on the essentials. There were a lot of people. I think that today to really live the essence of this day, you need to be with close people“, she explained. A day that she does not regret in the least.

Is Elodie Villemus married?

Elodie Villemus – 4 weddings for a honeymoon © Instagram screenshot

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