Is Charlie Hunnam in a relationship?

At the risk of breaking the hearts of Charlie Hunnam admirers, the handsome kid is ultra-skinned. And if we use this term a little excessive, it is because he has been in a relationship with the same woman since he was 26! A miracle in Hollywood … Her partner’s name is Morgana McNelis and she is a jewelry designer.

And a few years ago, the actor had not hesitated to take the niche on his Facebook page to defend his sweetheart from the evil trolls who reproached him for not being “beautiful enough” for him. Furious, he wrote: “My attention was drawn to the fact that there was a group of immature girls who were inundating my longtime companion with cruel messages. I respectfully ask you to stop this. She is a person. smart, beautiful, kind, just trying to live a simple life that has nothing to do with show business. If you wanna talk shit, do it on me and leave her out of it. it”. Too cute ? Wait until you read more: “There is one girl I love very much, with whom I have spent the last eleven years of my life and with whom I hope to spend the next sixty. She has been my staunch support before I have any success or any money. Why would you attack her out of admiration for me? It just doesn’t make sense. “

Charlie Hunnam is against marriage!

Come on, just to break the myth of the perfect man, here is the little ball made by Charlie Hunnam during the promotion of the film The Gentlemen, in which he plays alongside Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey. Asked by Andy Cohen about his relationship to engagement, he said: “to be indifferent” to marriage: “My partner, on the other hand, is very keen on getting married. So I am going to do it because it is important to her , but I don’t have great romantic feelings about it. ” Discomfort…

Days later, the actor who turned down the role of Christian Gray in 50 Shades of Gray posted a post on social media to apologize, “You know what? It was stupid to say such a thing. to say that I really hurt my partner. I regret having said that because I do not think so and it is bullshit I said in the heat of the moment “.

Charlie Hunnam © Zuma Press

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