Young rising star of American cinema, Ana de Armas recently landed one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood. Indeed, she was chosen to lend her features to the character of the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, in a film centered on her life. Called Blonde, this biopic was posted on the Netflix streaming platform. In fact, the director of this feature film, Andrew Dominik, had initially considered giving the role of Marilyn Monroe to the British actress Naomi Watts, then to the American actress Jessica Chastain. The filmmaker finally changed his mind when he watched the film Knock Knock, where Ana de Armas gives the reply to Keanu Reeves. Captivated by the talent of the young Cuban-Spanish actress, Andrew Dominik invited her to auditions, promising to offer her the role after that.

Aware that this was potentially the turning point in her career, Ana de Armas worked for weeks before this famous audition. Efforts that paid off. Before being chosen to bring Marilyn Monroe back to life on Netflix, Ana de Armas first made a name for herself by playing in the Spanish series El Internado between 2007 and 2010. She then tried her luck in Hollywood, chaining d first small roles in blockbusters like: War Dogs, Overdrive, Blade Runner 2049 and Cuban Network. The actress subsequently revealed herself in several major supporting roles, notably by giving the reply to Daniel Craig in Knives Out and Dying Can Wait. With Blonde, Ana de Armas obtained her real first role, which will allow her to bring her acting career into a new dimension.

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Ana de Armas in a relationship with one of the leaders of Tinder

If the professional life of the actress seems flawless so far, her private life was a little more tumultuous. Ana de Armas got married in 2011 to Spanish actor Marc Clotet in the Costa Brava region of Spain, before divorcing two years later. Subsequently, the actress dated Spanish director and screenwriter David Victori, as well as American talent agent Franklin Latt. After having maintained a relationship with the Cuban painter Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, Ana de Armas found herself propelled into the front page of people magazines, when her romance with comedian Ben Affleck was formalized.

The two actors had given the reply in the film Deep Water. Since then, Ben Affleck has married a second time with singer Jennifer Lopez, while Ana de Armas has found love again in the arms of Paul Boukadakis, who works for the famous dating application Tinder. According to information released by the American magazine People, the two lovers met for the first time through a mutual friend during the pandemic. They currently live together in an apartment in New York. For now, they have decided to keep their romance private, not appearing together on the red carpets or on social networks.

Is Ana de Armas (Blonde) in a relationship?


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