The public discovered him as a shy porn actor in the cult Love Actually. Since then, Martin Freeman has appeared at the head of many successful productions, such as the Hobbit saga, or the Fargo and Sherlock series. In the latter, the British actor also played alongside his ex, Amanda Abbington, who also played his wife in fiction. The latter, on the sidelines of her acting profession, is also an ambassador for the It’s OK mental health awareness campaign. In a recent Instagram live on the subject, Amanda Abbington shared her concerns about her depression, her separation from Martin Freeman and the consequences it could have on their two children, now aged 15 and 12. . “I’m sure I caused them irreparable damage and that they will go to therapy because of me and Martin at some point,” said Amanda Abbington bluntly. Eager to want to keep an open dialogue with her family no matter what, the actress has poured out her role of confidante with her children. “If I can teach them to talk about it, tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of in everything they go through – whether they’re drunk or trying drugs, whatever. ‘they do – they don’t have to hide anything. That’s what I aspire to, just like Martin: to create an environment in which they feel safe. “

A transparency that Amanda Abbington also applies. The actress, who confides having “very bad days”, does not want to hide the reality of her fight from her children. “If I hide this from my kids and get depressed and take antidepressants, what image do I give them of mental health issues? That it’s offensive and shouldn’t happen? is not what I want. “

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman, friends for the sake of their children

Despite their separation in 2016, the two actors did everything to maintain “a beautiful friendship”, if only to ensure a better balance for their children. An effort that does not, however, protect from the dangers of social networks, which recently faced the couple’s son, Joe, as Amanda Abbington confided. According to the latter, the young man was very upset after discovering several malicious tweets that wished the death of his mother. “If I hadn’t been in a good day reading these tweets, I don’t know what I could have done,” the actress confessed.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman © STARMAX

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