This Saturday November 26, 2022 was announced the death of Irene Cara at the age of 63. Terrible news that was relayed and then very commented on social networks by hordes of grieving fans. “I can’t believe I had to write this, let alone post the news. Please share your thoughts and memories of Irene. I’m going to read every single one of them and I know that ‘She’ll smile from heaven. She adored her fans,’ the singer’s PR manager wrote on Twitter. The message follows a first official press release attesting to the disappearance of Irene Cara at her home in Florida on the night of November 25 to 26. “The cause of his death is currently unknown and will be revealed when information becomes available,” the official statement said. In the meantime, the singer’s family asks fans to respect her privacy in order to mourn her. The date of the funeral will be communicated later.

Irene Cara leaves behind two great hits from the 80s, great cinema memories, but also a husband from whom she had divorced. Her name ? Conrad E. Palmisano. A love story placed under the sign of marriage between 1986 and 1991. A well-known figure in the Hollywood industry, Conrad E. Palmisano has built a solid reputation as a stuntman for more than 40 years, occupying four times the president of the prestigious Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures. His career covers a wide spectrum of Hollywood cinema, performing in comedies (Is there a pilot on the plane?), horror films (Cujo) as science fiction (Transformers 3: The Dark Side of Moon), superheroes (Batman Forever) and action (Rush Hour 2). Conrad E. Palmisano had met Irene Cara in 1985 on the set of La Cavale impossible where the singer played a teenager on the run alongside Tatum O’Neal. The year of their marriage had also been placed under the sign of the cinema: Palmisano directed his companion in his second and last film, Busted Up.

How Irene Cara Almost Missed Fame

At the end of the 1970s, nothing could thwart the irresistible rise of Irene Cara. The young woman who has been practicing music and dance since the age of 5 has cut her teeth on television sets and on the boards even before releasing her first solo album. The public discovered her at the cinema in 1976 in a musical comedy inspired by Diana Ross & The Supremes, Sparkle, scripted by the very young Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever). Hollywood finally opened its arms wide to her at the turn of the 80s when she was offered to join the cast of Fame… As a simple dancer! The producers and the screenwriter of the film will have to hear his voice to convince themselves to rewrite the main role, Coco Hernandez, in order to offer it to him. It is in the skin of this iconic character that Irene Cara will sing the eponymous song in addition to another single taken from the soundtrack, a performance hailed by a nomination for the Golden Globe for best actress in a musical film in 1981. Irene Cara would finally land a Grammy and an Oscar for her work on Flashdance three years later.

Irene Cara: who is her ex-husband Conrad E. Palmisano?

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