The family reunion turned tragic. Thursday, November 24, the Denio family was to come together to celebrate Thanksgiving in Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States). Around 1 p.m., Darin Denio and his sister Tami Pecheco went to the home of their brother, Karlan Denio, 62. Once there, they found the house locked and quickly contacted the police, who told them they could not break in.

Faced with this unusual situation, the brother and sister decided to knock on the doors and windows before unhinging the front door and entering the house, as reported by the Albuquerque Journal. Once inside, they made a gruesome discovery in their brother’s room. The latter was “lying on the bed”, while his wife, Connie Denio, was on the floor of the room “dismembered and disembowelled”.

The man suffered from frontotemporal dementia

After witnessing the horror scene, Tami Pecheco met her brother’s gaze. “Karlan looked at him, after which she backed out of the residence and called the police again,” the complaint said. Once there, the police arrested Connie Denio’s husband, who was then taken to the hospital because of cuts to his leg and neck.

According to initial information, Karlan Denio had been diagnosed two years earlier with frontotemporal dementia. This pathology was characterized by personality changes, lack of emotion and other mental disorders. He has been charged with the murder of his wife and is hospitalized awaiting trial.

Invited to their brother's house to celebrate Thanksgiving, they find themselves faced with a horror scene

Thanksgiving © Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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