Choosing the name of your child requires real thought. While some parents like to be original, others remain more classic. As a rule, they have complete freedom to make their choice. However, the Civil Registry reserves the right to veto this. As you will have understood, proposals that are too unusual are categorically refused. In a post published on the Reddit forum, Internet users claim to have found “the worst first name in history”. A wackier idea than ever that has not failed to agitate social networks in recent weeks.

As seen above, someone recently shared a photo of a newborn with a hidden face. A baby named Pheart. A first name that strongly reacted to the Web because of its pronunciation. You may not know it but Pheart is pronounced “fart” in English, a word that means “fart” or “prout”. Inevitably, this choice has outraged Internet users. Many of them were offended by it. “I can’t understand how this name could have been accepted”, “It’s so cruel”, “I refuse to accept that it is the baby’s name”, “It must be the worst name in the story” we could read in the comments.

Internet users wonder about “the worst first name in history”

More optimistic than others, some netizens tried to stay positive. “Maybe the pronunciation is different?” someone asked, while another chimed in: “Maybe the parents didn’t know that the combination PH is pronounced like the letter F?” Several people wondered if English was the parents’ first language and if they potentially chose this name because of a special meaning. The majority hope it is a nickname. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer these questions. As of this writing, the mystery is still unsolved.

Internet users are convinced they have found the worst first name in history


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