Instagram: how to take a successful photo with a favorable pose

1. Forbid low angle view

The problem. A photo taken from the bottom … it makes everyone fat.

The solution. Refuse photos where the camera is not at least at face height, or even a little higher, which forces us to look up and lift our chin. Also avoid putting yourself in the foreground of group photos (especially selfies): we are necessarily disproportionate compared to others …

2. Place the hair well

The problem. A clear face with plated hair is very pretty, but it accentuates a round face.

The solution. Leave a section of hair along the cheek, which will automatically slim the face. If you have long hair, let it go to hide (even partially) the neck area or a possible double chin.

3. Lift the arms off the body

The problem. Stuck against the bust, the arm is crushed and seems wider than it is in reality. In addition, we seem a little stuck in a position that is not necessarily comfortable.

The solution. Always lift the arms a little from the body, this activates the muscles (biceps and triceps) and at the same time refines the arms. You can also place a hand on one hip.

4. Have one leg forward

The problem. When the legs are glued, it crushes them and gives the impression of a massive figure.

The solution. Place one leg forward, toward the goal, slightly lifting the heel. This places the weight of the body on the back leg and visually the simple act of having one leg in front of the other slims the figure.

5. Avoid patterns that magnify

The problem. Simple optical effect, the horizontal stripes as well as the imposing patterns accentuate the volumes.

The solution. Go for vertical stripes that elongate the silhouette and small designs that don’t catch the eye, or plain plain.

6. Lift your chin

The problem. Lowering the face creates a double chin, even in thin people. Logical since we come to rest the chin on the neck.

The solution. Get in the habit of lifting your head slightly (the idea is that it stays natural). You can also stick the tongue to the palate, which automatically “tightens” the skin of the neck and avoids the famous double chin.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner © Instagram

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