Inna Modja: her mother died of Covid and her father is hospitalized

Malian artist Inna Modjo is devastated. The young woman announced on her Instagram account that her mother had just died. The latter had contracted the coronavirus for the second time. “I did not know that we could feel such a great pain. 30 minutes ago, she left us leaving the greatest pain in our hearts, wrote Inna Modja, this Thursday, January 7, before continuing. My mother, my best friend, my baby. I don’t know how to get over this pain. Pray for us. Pray for my father. Pray for my grandmother, his mother. ”

Inna Modja: “We are all devastated”

In a second post, the 36-year-old revealed a little more about the circumstances of her mother’s death: “She left in the arms of my little brother. He is devastated. We are all devastated. We have been devastated. all so much love for her. Pray for my father who is still hospitalized. She was his rock, his best friend, his wife, his lover, his mum, his everything. ” The artist’s parents have both contracted the coronavirus. Tuesday, January 5, she told her Instagram community to take a break from social networks: “We had a complicated end of the year, because they are both suffering from Covid 19. And now hospitalized. My mother for the 2nd times. So I don’t have the heart to be connected at the moment. I need to refocus for a while, “said Inna Modjo before concluding, hoping to come back with good news. The actress had also insisted on the fact that she was very close to her parents: “Anyone who knows me well knows how much I am a mama’s girl .. And daddy! Not in the sense that I am spoiled rotten . Rather the one where I have a close relationship with them. I just adore them, forever. Even during the rebellious adolescence. ”

Inna Modja lost her mother © VEEREN

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