It’s a very sad year that begins in Cartagena, in the south of Spain. On Saturday January 1, 2022, a Spanish mother died of poorly performed cosmetic surgery. Sara Gomez, 39, was admitted on December 2 to the Galena clinic in Cartagena for liposuction. After the operation, the doctors said that the operation had “gone well” but that the young woman had lost a lot of blood.

While healthcare professionals tried to stabilize her, the 30-something suffered from hypovolemic shock, characterized by a decrease in circulating blood mass. In serious condition, the mother was rushed to the University Hospital of Santa Lucia, where she died less than a month after her operation. “We had known for a long time that it was a losing battle, but she fought until her last breath,” Ezequiel, Sara’s ex-partner and family spokesperson, told reporters. local.

An investigation launched and a complaint filed

An investigation has been opened to determine the exact causes of the young woman’s death. After an autopsy, the family’s lawyer, Maître Ignacio Martinez, said his body had “wounds worthy of a knife attack” on several organs, including the kidneys, liver, duodenum, colon and intestine. A real “carnage”, according to the magistrate. The family of the patient, who believes that the operation was botched by the doctors of the Galena clinic, however famous, decided to file a homicide complaint against the latter.

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