Ingrid Betancourt will never set aside her convictions. Twenty long years after being kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Franco-Colombian politician is once again attacking the presidential election in her country of birth. “Today I am here to finish what I started with many of you in 2002. I will work tirelessly from sunrise to sunset to be president,” the ex-hostage announced. of 59 years during a press conference given this Tuesday, January 18. Ingrid Betancourt is therefore officially a candidate for the presidency of Colombia.

At the head of the small environmentalist party Vert Oxygène, the latter must still submit to the centrist primary of the South American country, before being able to officially claim her ambitions. The election is scheduled for May 19. “I believe in a world with a vision of women. For decades we have had only bad options between the extreme right and the extreme left. The time has come to have a center option”, said the mother of the family, also explaining that her political ideas had a good chance of helping her win against the favorite in the polls, the former mayor of Bogota Gustavo Petro.

Ingrid Bétancourt: “I am here to finish what I started in 2002”

Twenty years ago, in February 2002, Ingrid Bétancourt was kidnapped by the FARC after revealing her presidential ambitions. Released during a military operation after more than 15 years of captivity, the politician has never put aside her ideology. This is how during this same press conference given this Tuesday, January 18, the 50-year-old insisted on going back to the fine of 36 million dollars of financial compensation demanded by the American justice against the FARC for their responsibility in their various kidnappings. “We have sometimes taken to thinking that seeking justice is abusive. I have come today to ask that every son, every daughter, every father, every mother be compensated, compensated and compensated.” No, nothing can stop Ingrid Bétancourt.

Ingrid Betancourt © Meigneux

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