Public transport and small children don’t always mix well, and it’s an experience that passengers on a six-hour flight that included a small family would surely have done well. As a father told the online forum Reddit, his flight with his one-and-a-half-year-old son went very badly, to the point of pushing him to take advantage of the situation and use her son as a weapon for revenge by letting him scream at the top of his lungs. It all started when the father of the family, accompanied by his wife, held their son on his knees for the journey. Despite the best efforts of the parents, the child in question refused to sleep or be distracted by all the toys and games invented by his parents. Annoyed by the journey, the child kicked the seat in front of him, which obviously did not affect the passenger seated in that place.

“The man in the front seat kept turning around to glare at me,” the father of the family explained. The tension therefore quickly rose between the two passengers, who had already spent more than five hours on the plane. When the passenger asked the father of the family to control his child, the latter replied that they were doing their best before retorting, tired and annoyed, that he was going to transmit the message to his son. The two men then had a heated discussion until the father of the family ended up holding his son tightly to prevent him from fidgeting and kicking in the front seat.

The strategy of the father of the family strongly criticized

But this tactic had equally unpleasant consequences for the annoyed passenger… and for the others. “To mischievously obey this gentleman, I held our child on my lap for the remaining 90 minutes of the flight, leaving him to cry and scream. I hope the man in front preferred those cries to a few bangs in his seat” explained the family man of the Reddit. However, he did not receive support from other Internet users who did not fail to point out what he did not only to his son, but also to all the other passengers on the plane. where the little family was…

Infuriated by the remarks of another passenger on his flight, he uses his child to get revenge

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