Love is stronger than anything. A few months ago, however, we thought that the romance of Samuel Benchetrit and Vanessa Paradis was definitely over. At the time, as Closer reported to you, a divide separated the director and the actress. The reason ? The flop of the film Monsieur’s Dog and the mixed success of Madame’s album. Vanessa Paradis had even left Paris to join a friend in the Gers while Samuel Benchetrit had packed his bags to settle down far from his partner’s apartment. Finally, the two gave each other a second chance, as you could read in the issue of Closer on newsstands this Friday, December 31. It is also hand in hand that they were seen in the streets of the capital in mid-December before having dinner at the Paparazzi restaurant, after a performance of Mum at the Édouard VII theater.

It is moreover this piece which allowed Samuel Benchetrit and Vanessa Paradis to put the pieces back together. In it, which he wrote for her, the actress embodies a sensitive, endearing and moving woman alongside Felix Moati and Eric Elmosnino. “It’s exceptional to see her on stage, it makes me happy. It moves me, it touches me”, confided the director in the columns of Gala last summer. The couple, still fragile, decided to give themselves a second chance and change their habits. From now on, there is no longer any question for them of living together. A good way to rekindle the flame. “Samuel is a true artist, a being full of humanity, sensitivity and tenderness, confided Vanessa Paradis on France Inter. He knows how to listen, he has the right words, he is a man of heart. creators, he is at the same time passionate, tormented and always on the alert. ”

Vanessa Paradis: “When you love people, you give your best even more”

As a reminder, Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit said ‘yes’ on June 30, 2018 in Saint-Siméon, east of Paris. The glue of their relationship? Work. The two indeed made several films together before the director wrote this play for his wife. “It can put more pressure. We know each other so well that we know what phrases to say to get there faster, straight to the point. When we love people, and people love you, we give even more better of oneself, deciphered the singer in the show Boomerang. We surpass ourselves, we are more generous, we are also more confident. We are freer and we are less afraid of being ridiculous. After, for me, I ‘ I’m even more afraid of disappointing, of not doing well. And he should be asked! ” Samuel Benchetrit was amazed by the one he loves and that he especially does not want to lose.

Samuel Benchetrit and Vanessa Paradis © COADIC GUIREC

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