It’s a traumatic sequence. According to our colleagues from the Global Times, a Chinese influencer by the name of Luo Xia Maomao, committed suicide live on the social network Douyin, equivalent of TikTok in China. The 25-year-old, who had nearly 680,000 subscribers on the platform, had repeatedly confided to suffer from depression and “seemed particularly distressed” on the day of the tragedy.

“This is probably my last video because I have suffered from depression for a long time,” had also launched the influencer. During her fatal live, Luo Xiao Maomao had informed her subscribers that she had in her possession a bottle containing diluted pesticides. Some Internet users encouraged her to “drink it quickly” while others tried to dissuade her by threatening to call the police. Unfortunately, the young woman took action, before calling for help. But once they got there, they couldn’t save her, and the influencer died in hospital on Friday, October 15.

The family aims at the responsibility of the social network

According to relatives of Luo Xiao Maomao, she had already been hospitalized a few months earlier after having experienced the breakup with her ex-boyfriend very badly. Following the tragedy, they did not hesitate to point the finger at the responsibility of the social network. According to them, the influencer didn’t really want to die, and her act was a desperate attempt to get her ex-boyfriend’s attention. The family announced that they were filing a complaint against the subscribers who pushed the young woman to commit the irreparable.

In China, this tragedy caused an outcry. Many people have called for increased security to best protect users of social networks to prevent such events from happening again. The moderation of streams is particularly targeted because they are often a source of hatred and conflict, and regularly contribute to the discomfort of streamers.

Asked by the Global Times, Zhu Wei, a communications researcher at the Beijing University of Political Science and Law, explained that “artificial intelligence review channels on keywords and an online report should be set up to supervise theaters with a large audience. ”

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