Georgia Goodier, 23, was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, lung cancer. This young woman from Warrington died at home following this illness. Note that the origin of this cancer is an infection by water. Indeed, this cancer would have started in his intestine. It spread through his glands and then reached his liver.

At first, her doctors had thought of a water infection. Only, following persistent pain on her right side, Georgia Goodier went straight to the emergency room at Warrington Hospital, according to Liverpool Echo. Blood tests as well as examinations and a liver biopsy followed. This is how she learned the very bad news that she suffered from adenocarcinoma. “Looking back, it feels like we were robbed of time with her. We really thought we had Christmas and we thought we had this year,” her mother, Cheryl Goodier, said. “She’s never had any health issues in her entire life. It’s really surreal. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to keep moving forward,” she added.

Georgia Goodier, her fight was only short-lived

Of course, Georgia Goodier didn’t just give up when she heard the bad news. She fought against the disease even if it was only short-lived. Georgia underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy. However, she suffered from a number of septic infections in her common bile duct. These infections had not responded favorably to antibiotic treatment.

Georgia Goodier returned home on October 1, 2021 to die there 4 days later. Currently, his loved ones as well as his family are participating in a sponsored 56-mile race in his memory. The money raised will be donated to the Clatterbridge Cancer Center in Liverpool, where she was treated.

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