Is Amber Heard’s career threatened after her conviction? Since the actress found herself in court facing Johnny Depp, it’s been a stubborn rumor that has only grown since she was found guilty of defamation and ordered to pay 10 million euros to her ex-husband. According to many anonymous sources, in fact, the actress should give up on the role of Mera that she played in Aquaman. “Amber Heard will be cut from editing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 and Mera, the role she played should be redistributed to another,” a source told American media Just Jared. If several people suggested that the decision was recorded, it is not so according to the spokesperson for Amber Heard.

“The rumor mill has been going on since day one. They’re inelegant and a bit crazy,” he told Variety on Tuesday, June 14. In the aftermath, Just Jared updated his article to assure that sources close to the production had told them that she had “not been completely cut from the film” and that Amber Heard was keeping a small role. During the defamation lawsuit, the actress explained that she had to “fight very hard” to keep the role. According to her, the production sent her a new version of the script in which a fight scene was missing, which gave a “very clean version” of her role. During this lawsuit, the head of DC Films confirmed that the studio had briefly considered removing the character of Amber Heard in the sequel, but not because of her legal troubles but because the chemistry between her and Jason Momoa is not looking good.

Amber Heard: her finances saved by Aquaman?

“Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to react to pure fan pressure,” said producer Peter Safran in 2021. And to outbid: “We have to do what is best for the film. We felt that if there was James Wan and Jason Momoa, there had to be Amber Heard”. According to the latest information, Amber Heard’s screen time in this film seems to have doubled. “In the June 8 screen test, Amber Heard still appears from start to finish. Warner Bros. is likely testing reactions now that the public knows the trial is over, a source revealed. (Her) screen time is d ‘about twenty to twenty-five minutes.’ For the actress, this good news would be saving for her wallet. Sentenced to pay 10 million euros to Johnny Depp, she revealed that she did not have the necessary funds. If she performs well in the Aquaman sequel, she could pocket two million euros.

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