The Guardian reports the incredible scene that took place Thursday, August 26, in California. That day, a 5-year-old child is having fun in the garden of a house in Calabasas, while his mother is inside the apartment. In just a few minutes, the little boy finds himself face to face with a 30kg puma. The animal then jumps on the little boy and drags him for about 45 meters. The mother of the family, alerted by the screams, rushes outside and notices her son between the puma’s legs.

To save her little one, the Californian does not hesitate for a single second. She throws herself at the predator and hits him with many punches. The puma ends up letting go of its prey and moving away. Seriously injured and shot in the head and chest, the little boy was taken by his parents to the hospital. He is now in stable condition. “The real hero of this story is his mother, because she absolutely saved her son’s life,” says Patrick Foy, spokesperson for the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.

The puma found and shot for the safety of all

The competent veterinary services quickly went to the family’s home in search of the puma. When they finally spot it, the animal is in a bush, crouching with its ears back and hissing. A specialist shot and killed the animal, “because of its behavior, the proximity of the attack and to protect public safety.”

The puma has been around California for centuries. Today, animals no longer hesitate to approach cities, and therefore humans. However, the fatal attacks of this wild cat remain rare in America.

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