Many teaching professionals have been watching, for several days, for new government announcements concerning the start of the school year, to no avail. It was only late Sunday afternoon, on the eve of the resumption, that they were informed of the new protocol. A wobbly communication that Patrick wanted to evoke, an auditor from France inter whose partner is a school principal. “Do you find that the way children, parents and teachers are being treated at the moment is acceptable and tolerable?” The man asked Gabriel Attal, present in the studio. “It is unacceptable to find these people in front of the school this morning in a situation of trying to understand how they are going to be able to do today to manage things by integrating the new rules which were, once again, taught to the teachers through the media. ” Then he adds, presumably at the end of the line: “I find that there is something there, in terms of communication, which is quite frightening.” Patrick, like many others, criticizes the government for having, on the one hand, waited until the last moment before announcing the new measures, but also for having communicated them via a not very accessible format, namely a private newspaper. “My wife has been watching for the new instructions for three days: there is nothing. And at 5 p.m., Sunday, there is a paying article from Le Parisien in which Mr. Blanquer explains what the new measures are,” laments the listener, moved. , before being accidentally cut.

Gabriel Attal explains the government’s late publication

A laborious communication which earned the teaching staff a particularly stressful return to school. Because of the too short timeframe to organize themselves properly, school directors had to deal with absences, teachers’ concerns or even the many questions from parents. For his part, Gabriel Attal took up the response of Jean-Michel Blanquer by explaining that the government had only received the opinion of the Scientific Council and the High Authority for Public Health on Friday. Then, “the development of all protocols” had brought the announcement to Sunday.

Gabriel Attal © France Inter

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