In the stars’ room. Russell Brand: this sexual record of which he is very proud

Russell Brand is famous for his frequent trips to rehab but also for his uninhibited way of talking about sex and love. Indeed, the British star has always assumed his strong libido and his passion for sex. Interviewed in the American HuffPost, the actor notably delivered on the record of orgasms he had reached in one evening: “It was in Dublin. I had nine orgasms. It was not in one day. It was one evening. It was crazy. What an emotional evening. I felt exhausted the whole next day. No, it wasn’t from the drugs. I was clean, I had a lot of energy to spend. “

Russell Brand: he claims to have exceeded 1,000 conquests

Long before dating singer Katy Perry, Russell Brand was a true Don Juan. The actor explained that he had succeeded in seducing several girls in the same day until exceeding the threshold of a thousand conquests: “I had sex with several women, three, four, five times in the same day”, a- he explained in an interview with the British magazine Big Issue.

After a complicated relationship with Katy Perry, the actor decided to rethink his vision of the couple in order to improve their relationship: “When you have sex this often, you learn a lot about people’s attitudes, what they expect from you. you, “he told US HuffPost. He also revealed that he places great importance on the pleasure of his partners: “During love, you have to make sure that everyone is satisfied. I think the person you have sex with should have an orgasm first or you are not fulfilling your duty as a man. “

Russell Brand © FLYNET UK

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