In the stars’ room. Rihanna: these intense practices that she loves in bed

It’s not for nothing that Rihanna has this hot image of a sex symbol! The singer is known for her hot and daring statements during interview. Indeed, the interpreter of S&M has many times admitted to being very focused on the subject … “The man must be gifted in bed. Inner beauty also matters of course, but if the rest does not follow, it does not. can’t be cool, ”she told German magazine Bravo in 2009.

Regarding her desires and her sexual practices, Rihanna does not go four-way either: “I like sexy and well hung guys. I also like soft ones. I like to take command, but I also loves being submissive. In bed it can be a lot of fun as long as it stays spontaneous. I love being spanked and tied up. Occasionally, whips or ropes can be used. ‘invite to the party,’ she told Rolling Stone magazine in 2011.

Rihanna: sex yes, but not with just anyone!

Rihanna likes to have fun, but beware! But she doesn’t let go: “I’m horny, I’m human, I’m female, I want to have sex. But what am I going to do, just randomly pick up the cute first guy for a night and tomorrow wake up feeling hollow and empty? I can’t do this to myself. It has a little to do with fame and a lot to do with the woman I am. And that’s what saves me “, she explained to Vanity Fair magazine in 2015.

Contrary to what one might think, the interpreter of the tube Work has a very precise idea of ​​the type of man with whom she would like to start her family: “I am attracted to cultivated boys. That piques my curiosity. They do not. do not necessarily have to have diplomas, but they must know how to speak several languages ​​and know what is happening on the other side of the world, know the history and certain artists or musicians. conversation”. Nothing very complicated!

Rihanna © Backgrid UK

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