In the stars’ room. Nicole Kidman: These Fetish Sex Experiences Explored Outside Of Marriage

Before living the romantic and passionate love story that she has today with singer Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman was married for ten years to Tom Cruise. A period of her life that the Australian actress does not like to address: “I want to honor this marriage for what it was and I will not go further on this subject”, she explained in 2009 in British GQ magazine. However, in the same interview, the 53-year-old actress finally got caught up in the game and agreed to reveal some secrets of her first marriage to the Top Gun actor: “I explored the aspect worldly of marriage and monogamy. I have explored loss and love in sorrow “. The mother of Connor and Isabella had also revealed the different types of sexuality that she had been able to explore before her union with Tom Cruise: “I explored the fetishism in the sexuality. I explored the obsession”.

Nicole Kidman: her tips for maintaining a successful marriage

Far from her past experience with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman now leads a happy and fulfilled life with her husband Keith Urban and her two daughters: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. She even delivered in 2009, still in the British magazine GQ, some tips for maintaining a successful marriage: “You have to work there, it’s like an extraordinary place, full of adventures: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous. It’s like being in the open sea, we are exposed, we could sink. When you engage like that with someone, you live and die together because that is what you decided.

A few years later, Nicole Kidman came back with new suggestions: “We never text each other. We call each other very often and use Facetime, but never text each other, they can be misinterpreted at any time.” , she said in 2018, during an interview in the magazine Parade. We understand why her marriage has lasted for 14 years!

Nicole Kidman © Zuma Press

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