In the stars’ room. Lady Gaga: this essential rule that she imposes on all her lovers

Lady Gaga is known for her universe and her very extravagant statements. The 34-year-old from Italy does not hesitate to talk about her private life, especially her relationship with sex. The star, for example, revealed to have forced all her lovers to take a drug test before anything happens in a bed: “I always asked guys to get tested and use a protection has always been my rule. Otherwise, you play Russian roulette, “she told Grazia Magazine in 2011. A must rule for Lady Gaga who does not mess with her health.

Lady Gaga: a difficult first sexual experience?

Lady Gaga also regularly gives advice to her young community especially during this interview for by “The Howard Stern Show” produced in 2011: “I have a lot of young fans … Honestly, you should wait as long as possible before having sex. As a woman you don’t even start enjoying it until your mid-twenties. ” An advice that she gives knowingly since the star lived a complicated first time, like many women: “I only lost my virginity at the age of 17. But I must say that even then I wasn’t ready, and it was an absolutely terrible experience, ”she explained in the same interview.

Finally, Lady Gaga had to wait until she was 23 to really start enjoying sex: “I never really liked sex until two years ago. [Editor’s note: she was 25 at the time of the interview .]. The young woman began to really take pleasure in meeting the right partner: “It was a monogamous relationship in which I felt free enough to trust … Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and for I. So it was sex as a source of love and nothing else, ”she told Grazia magazine.

Lady Gaga © Backgrid USA

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