In an interview for Apple Music, Kanye West returned to the difficulties he has faced in his life. Notably his addiction to pornography and sex which controlled him for a long time. The rapper explained that his porn addiction was triggered when his father left a very particular magazine lying around the house: “For me, Playboy (the erotic magazine) was my gateway to pornography addiction”, a- he started. “My dad had a Playboy and left me out when I was five. It affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life.”

How did Kanye West fare? Well, thanks to religion. Indeed, a few years ago, the father of North West converted to Christianity. In 2019, the rapper even released an album called Jesus is King. Very stuck on the subject, he no longer wishes to do anything that goes against his religious convictions. “It’s like, with God, I was able to beat things that totally control me,” he explained.

Kanye West: the death of his mother completely devastated her

When his mother Donda passed away in 2007, things took a turn for the worse for Kanye West: “It was like a script from the life of a rockstar. My mother had passed away a year ago … and I drowned in it. my sex addiction, ”the artist revealed in the interview for Apple Music. The rapper started taking medication that made him feel like an orgasm. “I started taking pills and taking more than one. It triggered an orgasm-like sensation. It shows how sex is such a potent drug as opioids or heroin.” Today, Kanye West has completely surrendered to God and seems to have moved beyond his addiction. “I just thank God for saving me physically, mentally, spiritually.”

Kanye West © Charles Guerin

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