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In the stars’ room. Justin Timberlake: this practice that distracts him during sex

Adored for his prestigious musical career, Justin Timberlake has nothing more to prove. However, the interpreter of the tube “SexyBack” admitted that his long musical career can yet play tricks on him. The singer had indeed confided that putting music in the background during the sexual act, strongly distracted him. Jessica Biel’s husband gets lost in identifying song chords which makes him distracted! Do like everyone else? Very little for him!

The 39-year-old also revealed that he also had other sexual anxieties while filming. Indeed, in full promotion of the film “Sex between friends” with his colleague Mila Kunis, the actor explained that shooting sex scenes was something very confusing for him: “It’s part of the job and we are professionals , we held on until the end of the shoot. But it wasn’t very sexy. We were in a bed, thinking, “I hope people will find that funny.” Personally, I think. that watching sex scenes is weird. So we took the opportunity to make it funny, it’s weird watching two people sleep together. ” He also confessed to being a good customer of pornographic sites: “I love watching sex, I’m a boy, so I like porn and sex scenes”, he said in 2011, during an interview granted to American Elle magazine.

Justin Timberlake: his mother already surprised him in the middle of a frolic

Before becoming a superstar, Justin Timberlake was a teenager like any other. And back then sex was not something very easy to explain to parents, like most teenagers. Especially since his mother has already surprised him in the middle of a sexual frenzy! The singer had notably revealed in 2011: “My mother was not very understanding on the subject. She thought that I was too young to sleep with a girl”. “It made her very angry.” One thing is certain, he has never had too much trouble talking about his private life!

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