After the announcement of her separation from Sebastian Bear McClard, in July 2022, Emily Ratajkowski made new confidences in her love life, in a video shared on her TikTok account, Monday October 10, 2022. Indeed, after living four years of a beautiful marriage in the arms of Sebastian Bear McClard, she assured to be totally single and happy to be. So she is 100% focused on her baby boy, Sylvester, who was born in March 2021. “I’m newly single for the first time in my life, and I just feel like I’m enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I am perceived“, she explained before returning to the rumors which ensure that she would be in a relationship with Brad Pitt. The model then revealed that she “saw” Brad Pitt without going out “officially with him”.

But what Internet users have really learned from this video is that she admitted to being bisexual. “You identify as bisexual. Do you have a green velvet sofa?” asked a user. To answer this question, the young mother filmed herself first in close-up then showing her sofa … green. No doubt his way of saying more about his sexual orientation without announcing it officially.

Why would owning a green couch indicate sexual orientation?

According to a latest trend born on TikTok, owning a green sofa would mean that one is bisexual. Tisha Riman, nutritionist and content creator, wondered in a video if “a newsletter” had been “sent out” to all bisexual people, after noticing that many of them had green velvet sofas. Immediately, Shay Mitchell took over this video, filming himself with his phone slumping on his sofa … green! Then, Emily Ratajkowski followed this trend.

Only, there is no question of talking about coming out just because two personalities filmed themselves lying down on a green velvet sofa. In 2017, Shay Mitchell told Maxim: “People always ask me ‘you’re playing a gay character, are you gay? Are you straight? Are you this? Are you that?’ […] I fall in love with someone’s ‘spirit'”. Thus, she had been evasive about her sexual orientation, leaving room for doubt. For her part, Emily Ratajkowski has never officially declared herself to be heterosexual either. She describes herself as a “white and cis woman”, “heteronorm”. Despite everything, it is still difficult to speak of coming out for these two stars. On the other hand, it is certain that they both like to play and draw attention to their sexual attractions. They like to create mystery.

In the stars' room. Emily Ratajkowski bisexual? This significant clue that she mischievously unveiled

Emily Ratajkowski © Zuma Press

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