Sex is a mandatory part of adult life. Moreover, having a stable sex life is one of the essential bases of happiness. This is all the more true when you are in a relationship since a fulfilling sex life is often the secret of happiness for two. “Yes, making love is above all a part of pleasure”, explains Grazia. Only, beyond simple carnal pleasure, sex is also a guarantor of the well-being of body and mind. Moreover, science has already proven on many occasions that sex is one of the best anti-stress there is. It is also part of the secret of longevity. Suffice to say, the lack of sex does not envisage anything good and the signals are often clear, starting with a foul mood.

Of course, there are always exceptions and actress Drew Barrymore is obviously one of them. Indeed, on September 20, the 47-year-old actress made surprising secrets about her sex life on her own show, The Drew Barrymore Show. A discussion that began with the interview of Andrew Garfield, 39 years old. The Spiderman interpreter spoke about his preparation for the 2016 film Silence. He explained that he had deprived himself of sex and food in order to “better embody the role of the Jesuit priest” whom he played the time. “I was chaste for six months and practiced fasting a lot,” he confessed. Revelations that visibly touched actress Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore can live without sex for years

Following the confidence of Andrew Garfield, Drew Barrymore did not hold and spoke of his own experience in terms of abstinence. She had notably confessed that it did not matter to him not to have sex, even for years. The problems related to the lack therefore in no way concern the actress. What is surprising is that she had clearly underlined the fact that she could do without sex for months, even years. “What’s wrong with me that six months without sex doesn’t feel like such a long time? I was like, ‘Yeah, so what?'” she explained. “It’s a scoop. Drew Barrymore can do nothing for six months, no problem,” joked the co-host of the show in response to these confessions.

Drew Barrymore is a heart to take?

This lack of infatuation with Drew Barrymore’s sex may have something to do with her love life. Moreover, according to the Mediamass, a rumor would circulate according to which the actress would be single again. Rumors that were relayed by the American media, Come-One, on September 20. A fan reportedly told the media that he saw her near her home being alone with a package in her hand. “Probably a package recovered from the Post Office down the street,” the magazine reports. “Was she really alone? Completely ALONE, I’m 100% sure of it,” the fan had assured before adding that the actress was wearing a large, very becoming sweater.

Despite all these rumors, no official confirmation was made by the actress after being interviewed by the magazine. In any case, whether this rumor is true or not, it doesn’t matter to the actress’ fans who have been visibly excited at the idea that she is once again a heart to take. These are not the reactions that have been lacking on Twitter since Wednesday, September 21. “Does anyone have Drew’s number?” a fan tweeted. “I am sincerely sad for Drew Barrymore, even if I found the couple quite mismatched in the end,” commented another. What is certain is that the idea that Drew Barrymore is available does not displease everyone. To be continued…

In the stars' room. Drew Barrymore asexual? His confusing secrets about his antics

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