In the stars’ room. Amber Rose: this sexual practice that she never wanted to try

If we were only based on the very provocative looks of Amber Rose, we would think that the pretty blonde has already experienced many things on the sexual level. Still, Kanye West’s ex revealed in an interview for Refinery29 magazine that there are a lot of things she hasn’t tried yet: “I’ve never had anal sex. doesn’t use sex toys. However, I’m very open to talking about it and that doesn’t mean I’ll never do these things. “

Even if she doesn’t practice, Amber Rose makes a point of not judging those who do: “I think all of these things are really great and if that’s what you love then do it. It’s wrong to judge people based on their sexual preferences, don’t put labels on anything, don’t frown on their sexual acts. Judging is unfair because everyone is turned on by it. different things. “

Amber Rose: she has never practiced threesome sex and does not use sextoys

And yes, despite her reputation as a provocative woman, Amber Rose regularly insists that she prefers romantic and healthy relationships. Particularly during the interview with Refinery29 magazine: “I am very traditional. Boys always assume that I have had threesome experiences before and that I do kinky things in bed, but it was never my thing. thing”. The model also claimed to be someone who doesn’t like to share, preferring to keep her man exclusively for her: “I am a very selfish lover, I like being with a person and focusing on that person. I am a lover. extreme and I don’t like one night sex. “

The other important point for Amber Rose is to be a sexually liberated woman: “At the end of the day, if you want to fuck a guy, do it. A woman who assumes herself shouldn’t be ashamed. of his desire. Men, them, seek women all the time, without anyone judging them. There is a double standard in our culture and it is annoying “, she declared in 2016 in the magazine Refinery29. That is what is said.

Amber Rose © Backgrid USA

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