From the Maldives to Bali to Italy, some honeymoon destinations are popular with honeymooners. And for good reason, nothing better than flying to the other side of the world with the love of your life. This is usually the opportunity to savor a special moment for two. A stay that can unfortunately take a nightmarish turn. Witness the story of Paul Turovsky, a native of Fort Myers, Florida. According to information reported by 98.7 The Shark, a local radio station, this real estate agent did not hesitate to join a prostitute on her honeymoon.

Paul waited until his wife fell asleep to leave their hotel room, located in Tampa, in the middle of the night. The 34-year-old businessman then went to another establishment in the city to find a sex worker, whom he had contacted online. Upon his arrival, the 30-year-old was arrested and then handcuffed by the local police. He had just fallen into an ambush. Indeed, the police had launched an operation to dismantle a sex trafficking network and had been doing so for a month. A total of 176 men were arrested as part of this intervention.

The Web is ironic about this disaster honeymoon

Chad Chronister, the Hillsborough County Sheriff, didn’t hesitate to joke about the unusual case: “We certainly all have questions about how long this marriage will last. But the only question is ‘ Is it too late for the wedding guests to collect their gifts?’” This story also got a lot of reactions on social media: “The ink on the wedding certificate wasn’t even dry yet” , “He will plead not guilty because of high testosterone levels.” Netizens sympathized with the scorned woman and encouraged her to divorce.

In the middle of his honeymoon he leaves to join a prostitute and is arrested



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