Ryan Sanderson was shocked to find out he had become pregnant after beginning his transition to becoming a man.

Ryan Sanderson, from Rochdale in Manchester, realized he was born in the wrong body when he was 7 years old. After coming out trans at age 19, the young man began his gender transition. But an unexpected surprise came to upset his plans. After nine weeks of treatment, the Briton discovered he was pregnant. “I didn’t think I could get pregnant while taking testosterone. I think trans men need to know they can get pregnant. My ex boyfriend felt like he was barren but it wasn’t the case,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I found out during a doctor’s appointment, I was 10 weeks pregnant. It was a real shock but even though I was worried about stopping my testosterone treatment as I suffer from dysmorphic disorder, I knew immediately that I wanted to keep the baby,” Ryan said. The young man therefore became the proud father of a little Hendrick born on September 30, 2019. “I think it was fate. When I found out that I was pregnant, Hendrick really became everything to me. My doctor was worried about the complications but my pregnancy went pretty well. Luckily I had a wonderful team of midwives who addressed me using the correct pronouns.”

After giving birth, he resumes his transition

If Ryan unfortunately separated from his companion after the birth of his son, he was able to count on the presence of his loved ones: “My mother, Janette, 57, has supported me enormously from the start. Without her, I will be lost.” Today, the young man enjoys the joys of fatherhood as a “seahorse dad”. At the same time, he continues his transition: “I was able to breastfeed Hendrick when he was born but in 2021, I had my mastectomy to remove my chest. It was amazing even though I am sad at the thought of not being able to breastfeed my future children. I’d like to have a big family later on so I’m avoiding doing more surgeries until there are other options that I’m more comfortable with.”


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