In order to obtain sole custody of her daughter, currently 9 years old, this Spanish mother wrongly accuses her ex-husband of touching and incestuous rape on the latter. In 2018, the girl’s father filed for joint custody. This is what triggered all the problems for the estranged couple a year ago, reports Le Parisien. While she was in the middle of a divorce, this Spaniard filed eight complaints against her ex-husband. One of these complaints accuses the father of the little girl of rape while the others relate to touching.

Driven by the desire to obtain sole custody of her daughter, she went so far as to submit her daughter to gynecological and psychological examinations. The ten medical and psychological examinations could not demonstrate the existence of any touching or rape. According to the Spanish daily El Mundo, this mother has received the heaviest sentence for this kind of act in Spain. For having falsely accused her ex-husband, she was entitled to five years in prison and must pay compensation to her daughter and her ex-husband.

She was sentenced to five years in prison and lost parental authority

The judgment of the Granada court dated May 16, 2022 has very serious consequences for this Spaniard. In addition to five years’ imprisonment and 40,000 euros in compensation, the court also withdrew parental authority for ten years. The court considers that the mother represents “a danger for the development” of her daughter. “The accused is described in the judgment as a person with a predisposition to lying, exacerbated cynicism and wickedness with obsessive accents, reports Le Parisien.

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