Angela Tramonte was 31 years old and dreamed of marriage and children. A few months ago, the young woman from Massachusetts (United States) met a man on Instagram. In order to get to know him better, Angela decides to join him at his home in Arizona. What his mother and his friends strongly advise against …

A hike that turns into drama

Friday, July 30, Angela and the man whose identity has not yet been revealed set off for the mountains of Camelback for a hike. According to the young man who was with her, Angela would not have felt very well, due to the heat. She would then have told him to continue without her, that she was going to turn around. The latter ended up calling for help several hours later, explaining that he did not know where Angela was.

Thanks to the mobilized helicopters, the thirty-something is found at the end of the day … lifeless. For now, the authorities favor the accidental trail and assume that the young woman would have died of exhaustion. But the autopsy is still in progress, and his relatives do not believe for a single moment in this thesis.

For those close to Angela, the young woman would have been killed

According to one of Angela’s friends, the man she was dating is a police officer. “She felt safe because of it,” she said. But, “As a policeman, a rescuer, you are supposed to help people. If someone is in the mountains and you see that person is in distress and not feeling well, why don’t you? not accompany to come back down? “asks another friend of the young woman. For those close to Angela, there are too many inconsistencies around this brutal death.

Angela led an active and very healthy life according to her friends. “She got up early every morning to go to the gym” and was obsessed with staying hydrated and always having water with her. However, no bottles were found next to his body.

Angela is known to everyone as a real cell phone addict. So why didn’t she try to tell someone if she wasn’t feeling well? Similarly, the one who is nicknamed “the queen of the selfie” would never have posted any photo on her Instagram account without her being there. Except, that day, landscape photos were indeed posted on her account … without her appearing there once. “It is impossible to know if they were taken and posted by his hand,” confides his relatives.

For now, the investigation is still ongoing. A fundraising page has been opened to help bring Angela’s body back to her home in Massachusetts.

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