An unusual treasure. In the United Kingdom, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Dan Pugh, a 54-year-old man, had organized an outing with his 26-year-old son Owen to go in search of hidden treasures. For the occasion, father and son had equipped themselves with their metal detection kit to survey the local farmland, hoping to make a great discovery.

But while trying to find buried relics, Dean Pugh’s eye was caught by a colorful object. He then headed towards the light source with the hope of finding something historical or interesting, but instead he found himself facing pornographic magazines. “I saw this pile of colors staring at me. It blew me away. I thought it was a pile of magazines that had been thrown away – I don’t like people littering – but looking at closer I said, ‘Owen! Come and see this!'”, confided Dean Pugh to the Mirror, before adding: “They were terribly wet, they had been left outside by the weather, no doubt. We ended up rolling them up and hiding them in a rabbit hole.”

100 books offered to acquire the “treasure”

According to the treasure hunter, two possibilities can explain the presence of these adult magazines. “I think it’s either a young boy who had to get out of hiding because his parents found out, or a pervert in the woods,” he said. According to the father of the family, this is not the first time that they have come across such objects. In the past, he has discovered rubber sex toys, discarded women’s underwear, and even abandoned marijuana.

Amused, Dean Pugh decided to post some pictures of his find on a Facebook group for enthusiasts. It has since been inundated with offers from people willing to buy the collection, offering up to 100 pounds (about 115 euros) to acquire it.

In search of precious objects with his metal detector, he comes across a very ole-ole loot

Metal detector © Pexels

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