Kitten Kay Sera is not one to mope. This 52-year-old American made history by becoming the first person to marry a color. On January 1, this Nevada resident said “yes” to the color pink at a wedding at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, reports The Guardian.

During the ceremony, she said she decided to take the plunge after having had “a relationship” with the color pink for more than 40 years. And for good reason: Kitten Kay Sera has been wearing pink clothes exclusively since 1980.

“Objectophile” marriages are on the rise

The idea of ​​marriage surfaced two years ago when a young skateboarder laughed at her for wearing this bright shade, often reserved for girls. “One day a kid on a skateboard said to me, ‘If you really like this color, why not marry it?’ That’s when I started to consider this union,” she told the British daily.

Although it seems completely crazy, “objectophile” marriages have multiplied in recent years, recalls Paris Match. In 2007 an American ex-serviceman with a crush on the Iron Lady got married at the Eiffel Tower and in 2018 a Russian got married with her briefcase.

Unsurprisingly, Kitten Kay Sera did not marry in white but she wore a large pink dress and held in her hand a giant color chart of this color symbol of optimism and happiness. Her hair, jewelry, and even her lipstick were pink, while guests were asked to wear…pink. “I consider myself a flamingo in a world of pigeons”, launched this actress who fully assumes this sacred union. Until death do them part, Kitten Kay Sera will live rosy days.

In Las Vegas, a woman got married… with a color! © Instagram @kittenkaysera

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