The tragic yet motivating story of Autumn Nungent is told by Mirror on October 13, 2021. After her painful experience with Covid, Autumn wanted Dr. Wesley Ely to share her story. Dr Ely shared a video of her walking with new prosthetic legs. Because of the complications related to Covid, doctors had to amputate two feet and two hands. Dr Wesley Ely wrote as caption of the video: “The Covid took her hands and feet. I cried when she sent me this video yesterday: Her physical resilience and mental strength are my source of inspiration.”

He also recalls that “Covid blood clots can be prevented with a vaccine!”. This is also the main message that Autumn wants everyone to understand through the series of Tweets posted by Dr. Ely. The doctor explains that “Covid-19 is a disease of the blood vessels which can affect your lungs, heart, brain or any other organ. Blood clotting sucks life from vital organs.”

# COVID19 took her hands & feet I cried when she sent me this yesterday: Her physical resilience & mental fortitude are my #Inspiration. She sent this of her walking w new legs and said to tell YOU… “Blood clots of #COVID can be prevented w a #Vaccine!” (shown w perm)

– WesElyMD (@WesElyMD) October 12, 2021

The doctor knew she was going to be okay, but not without having her amputation

According to what the doctor said, the clots caused burn-like lesions on the patient’s arms and legs. He adds that “it took the nurses many hours each day to change his wounds.” Dr. Ely knew that Autumn could get by, but not without cost. “She was going to live, and we were all delighted. Yet it was sad to think that this young woman was going to lose her hands and feet which continued to dry out, lifeless and motionless,” he said.

Autumn Nugent © Mirror

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